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Ongo Safer Streets Project - as told by tenants

The Government’s crime-busting Safer Streets Fund initiative saw provider of housing and community services Ongo awarded £650,000 for improvements to the Westcliff estate in Humberside – improvements which have resulted in delighted local residents coming together in a short film which celebrates the Safer Streets project.

Fran Rhodes, Community Regeneration Coordinator at Ongo said: “It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of the team leading this project. The sheer amount of improvements we’ve achieved has just been incredible, and I’m so proud.

“I can’t praise the Westcliff community enough for their resilience over the last year, and determination to work with us and really make a difference to where they live.

“It wouldn’t have been possible without partner agencies including Humberside Police, North Lincolnshire Council and of course the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner so we’d like to thank them too.

“Although so much has already been accomplished with the Safer Streets project, Ongo are 100% committed to carrying on this work alongside residents. There will be more to come, so keep an eye out for more positive changes in Westcliff.”

SSF Doors

Police and Crime Commissioner Jonathan Evison said: “I am delighted that my Office’s Safer Streets Fund grant has made such a big difference in the Westcliff area. Over time the environment and security improvements will help prevent crimes like burglary and enhance overall community safety.

“Furthermore investment in grassroots organisations has resulted in additional diversionary activities and opportunities for the wider community to come together. My office remains committed to ensuring the Humberside Police area accesses national grants in order to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour for residents, businesses and visitors to the region.”

The short film ‘Ongo Safer Streets Project: As told by tenants’ can be viewed here:

The Safer Streets project was set up to support ongoing work to cut acquisitive crime - such as burglary, drug dealing and anti-social behaviour - in order to make residents safer and improve the security of homes.

SSF Bike Storage

Thanks to the investment via the local Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Ongo has so far:

- Gifted over 400 pieces of target hardening equipment, including smart door bells, wireless house alarms and locks to residents

- Installed 23 communal Warrior Doors and 22 video entry systems

- Upgraded 34 existing doors on the estate

- Fitted 18 Secured by Design bike storage pods, where bike theft and storage were an issue

- Put in over 1200m of new metal fencing and six decorative barriers and chicanes to reduce the risk from motorbikes and cars on green open spaces

- Ensured all communal courtyards have solar security lights and have been tidied up with features including bin storage

SSF Alarms Doorbells Lights

Along with the huge amount of work to tackle crime and improve the environment, Ongo also launched a community grants scheme, with nine groups based in, or benefitting the Westcliff estate, receiving a share of £10,000. These groups included Westcliffe Warriors Football Club, Jen's Special Place, Riddings Amateur Boxing Club, The Rotary Club of Scunthorpe, Westcliff Association and Riddings Brigade.

Ongo has also purchased 500 National Bike Registry kits and are planning to host an event at their community hub in Westcliff, The Arc, in the summer to give these out to members of the community.

To find out more about Ongo and the work they do within communities, follow them on social media or head to their website: To find out more about the OPCC, go to:

SSF Doors entry systems

The 2020-21 Safer Streets Fund provided £25m funding to 35 PCCs to invest in a range of physical situational crime prevention measures, such as home security, alleygating, CCTV, street lighting, training community wardens or establishing Neighbourhood Watch Schemes across 52 high crime areas in England and Wales.

Police Crime Prevention Initiatives (Police CPI), who run the Secured by Design initiative, created a range of support material for the Safer Streets Fund 2020-21, which included a number of technical guides, a range of training courses to assist Police and Crime Commissioners making their bids, a series of 26 blogs in the Knowledge Hub and 26 weekly, live, hour-long crime prevention question and answer sessions, delivered virtually via Microsoft Teams, for those involved in the delivery of the fund.

Police CPI also provided ongoing support to local police Designing Out Crime Officers (DOCOs), who are attached to police forces and help introduce and implement crime prevention measures and techniques into local areas to deter and reduce crime.

To find out more about the Safer Streets Fund, go to: