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“Our van locks stand as a testament to our dedication to providing customers with the highest level of protection”

Long-established UK manufacturer of quality van accessories, Van Guard Accessories, has renewed its membership with Secured by Design.

Devon-based Van Guard Accessories have over 45 years’ experience in the trade and are a proud British manufacturer specialising in both van storage and van security. The company offers a wide range of van accessories, including van roof racks, van racking, pipe carriers, van locks and van shielding. Products from Van Guard Accessories enable both sole traders and fleet operators to maximise the storage and security of their vans.

With a fully equipped 35,500 sq ft factory and offices, Van Guard Accessories ensure high quality products and service with their dedicated team of designers, engineers, and customer service staff, who make up a loyal and professional workforce who are culturally committed to innovation. The company provides regular training for all employees to consistently improve their skills and are renowned for their excellent and personable customer service, both technical and sales.

Find out more about Van Guard Accessories and their Secured by Design accredited products here.

Amy Butterworth, Van Guard Accessories, said: “We’re proud to announce our renewed membership with Secured by Design, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in van security. By aligning our products with the rigorous standards set by Secured by Design, our van locks stand as a testament to our dedication to providing customers with the highest level of protection for their van.”

Lyn Poole, Secured by Design, said: “I’m really pleased that Van Guard Accessories have renewed their Secured by Design membership. Their products are outstanding. Most van owners likely carry thousands of pounds worth of tools and the majority don’t have somewhere safe to store the vehicles at night or at the weekends when they are not working. This can be a honey pot for thieves who don’t care about the effects that the damage to the vehicle will do to work/businesses or the cost of having the tools of their trade stolen will be.

“Having to hire a new van while the damaged gets fixed and having to replace the tools that they have lost often uninsured can be the breaking of a person’s business. Using Van Guard locks, coupled with other crime prevention products inside the vans, can deter the opportunist thief by making it extremely difficult for them to get in and take the tools.”