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Police CPI supports National Home Security Month 2023

Police CPI is delighted to once again be supporting National Home Security Month 2023, the annual campaign from leading UK security specialist, Yale.

Taking place every October, and with over a decade of protecting homes under its belt, the objective of National Home Security Month is to raise awareness of home security and the importance of taking precautions to ensure both homes and loved ones are protected. The campaign runs throughout the month, coinciding with the start of the autumn when the nights start to draw in and the clocks go back an hour.

Yale, the founder of this national campaign and leading security brand, is joined by an array of supporters and retail partners in offering top tips and advice to help secure properties during the vulnerable dark night’s period.

Police Crime Prevention Initiatives (Police CPI) is a police owned organisation that delivers a wide range of crime prevention and demand reduction initiatives across the UK. The extensive Police CPI portfolio covers a variety of crime prevention initiatives, of which Secured by Design is the most well-known, with all initiatives designed to keep the public safe from crime and to reduce the demand on the police service.

Secured by Design (SBD) operates an accreditation scheme on behalf of the UK Police Service for products or services that have met recognised security standards. These products or services – which must be capable of deterring or preventing crime - are known as being of a ‘Police Preferred Specification’.

There are many hundreds of companies who produce thousands of individual attack resistant crime prevention products in more than 30 different categories that have met the exacting Police Preferred Specification. This includes doors, windows, external storage, bicycle and motorcycle security, locks and hardware, asset marking, alarms, CCTV, safes, perimeter security products and many others.

SBD is the only way for companies to obtain police recognition for security-related products in the UK

For more information and handy tips and advice from this year’s National Home Security Month from Yale, visit