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Pragmasis Has Launched a New Ground Anchor

Pragmasis has launched a new ground anchor that is removable and a new hasp & staple to improve the security of shed doors and to help stem the increase in theft from sheds.Both British-made products  have Sold Secure approval and has achieved the Police-preferred Secured by Design accreditation.


“We designed the HS1 hasp to be tougher than all other hasps on the market at a comparable price and the ground anchor for those in rented accommodation that want to take their bike security with them at the end of their tenancy,” says director Stephen Briggs. “Open shackle locks are a frequent and easy target for thieves so we designed this to suit closed shackle padlocks particularly well.”

Bolting through the woodwork is critical to defeat common crowbar attacks and in addition to using a total of 8 coach bolts with all being concealed when in the locked position, the HS1 hasp provides a choice of 12 fixing holes so it can cater for a wide variety of door and frame designs.

The HS1 hasp is hardened and uses a welded hinge pin to defeat sawing, drilling & hammering attacks and is provided with a comprehensive fitting kit including a drill bit. Various bolt lengths are available. Pragmasis can supply the HS1 hasp with a CEN 4 Secured by Design-approved closed shackle lock such as is required for Housing Association and Safer Homes-compliant developments.

The innovative Double Doofer is a two-part anchor that is held together by a chain being locked through it. Once you unlock and remove the chain, the hardened cover can be removed from the anchor base and the bolts undone to allow it to be removed. It can be reinstalled in a new location with a new fitting kit, if required. The Double Doofer will accept the full range of Protector Secured by Design-approved chains from 11mm right up to 19mm, as well as many alternatives.

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