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Pragmasis add to range of SBD products

Secured by Design (SBD) member company Pragmasis have added to their extensive range of SBD products, with a further four of their products achieving Police Preferred Specification.

The new products are:

- Sub Major Bury-In Concrete Ground Anchor
- Torc Mega Series III Ground Anchor
- Torc Maxi Series III Ground Anchor
- DIB-300 D-Lock

The Sub Major Bury-in Concrete Ground Anchor is the company’s first full concrete-in ground anchor and it has already achieved the highest-ever Sold Secure certification of any ground anchor, Ground Anchors Diamond. This signifies extreme resistance to angle grinder attacks and no product has ever passed at this level, until now.

The Sub Major has a laser-cut, folded and seam-welded approach to its manufacture which gives multiple advantages, allowing the use of thicker material on the bridge section to increase the angle grinder resistance even further than it already has from being buried in concrete, while also controlling the size and shape of the openings in the ground.

Having square openings means a smaller size of hole in the ground is required, resulting in less digging and less concrete being required. The Sub Major also includes push-in plastic plugs to cover the holes when the anchor is not in use, removing potential ankle-twist hazards from having exposed holes and helping keep leaves and other dirt out of the anchor.

The Sub Major uses a folded footplate, attached to a drainage tube, to increase the retention of the whole anchor in the ground and to make the installation process easier, supporting the anchor in the ground before it is surrounded with concrete.

The Sub Major is approved for use with motorcycles, vehicles, caravans, Quads/ATVs and bicycles.


The new Torc Ground Anchor Series III products - the Torc Mega and Torc Maxi - replace and upgrade the Series II anchors, which have been the best rated ground anchor on the market for many years.

The Torc Mega Series III anchors have Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond approval, Sold Secure Caravan Gold (for the resin-based kits), Motorcycle Gold, Bicycle Gold, ATV/Quad Gold, Car & Commercial Gold. No other anchor uses a 22mm diameter forged hardened steel shackle that would have to be cut twice to defeat it and with a choice of five different fitting kits to get the best fixing for concrete floor, brick wall, block wall, awkward situations. No other anchor has special hardened steel hammer-in plugs plus washers to give additional protection to the fixings.

Torc Maxi Torc Mega

Pragmasis are proud supporters of the Police Service, supporting motorcycle and bicycle safety campaigns run by police forces, lending their expertise at SBD training events for police officers. You can find out more their SBD recognised motorcycle, bicycle security products which have achieved Police Preferred Specification here:

Stephen Briggs, Pragmasis CEO, said: “We have always tried to go above and beyond in the way we design and sell our products and this involves more attention to detail and a longstanding commitment to product improvement.

“This is exemplified by the new Torc Mega and Torc Maxi ground anchors, building on the reputation we built around the original Series I Torc Anchor and followed by the Series II. These new Torc anchors offer multiple improvements at a very competitive price, with ease of installation continuing as a mainstay.

“The new Sub Major, however, is taking us into a new market – that of bury-in concrete anchors – and we have added new features not seen before in such products, and our Ground Anchors Diamond certification shows we’ve not lost our touch with raising the bar for security levels”.

SBD Development Officer Hazel Goss said: “Pragmasis have some excellent products and these new ones that they have now had accredited are no exception to their already large product list shown on our website, offering security for almost anything from home to vehicles”.