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Raising the benchmark against ATM ram-raid attacks

Acketts continue to drive quality and standards, as the first company to be awarded Secured by Design certification for an ATM anchorage device, with their ATD (Anti-Theft Device).

The ATD has provided a reliable solution against ram-raid attacks for more than two decades, with proven success in preventing ATM removals against heavy plant, including JCBs, Skip Lorries and car transporters.

Alan McInnes, Director of ACPO Secured by Design, said, “Secured by Design is the means for the police service to recognise crime prevention and security products that are demonstrated to be effective. We are pleased to make the award to the Acketts ATD, which has a proven track record against seriously heavyweight attack methods. The company uses this experience and the latest technology to progress its Research & Development and keep at the forefront of ATM protection.”

Group Commercial Director of Acketts Group Andrea Wainwright said, “We are very pleased to have been awarded entry within the Secured by Design portfolio. By the nature of this scheme, this portfolio will only look to include trusted devices that can demonstrate high levels of protection against criminal activities. We were able to demonstrate the extensive testing we have completed, the importance of ensuring an anchorage device is anchored correctly and the quality standards that we routinely conduct. The Acketts ATD is frequently referred to as the Rolls Royce of the industry and this certification goes some way to supporting that claim.”

Acketts continue to drive innovation within the security sector for ATM protection and are actively involved in driving up standards in line with increased threats from a multitude of attacks. Visit the Acketts website for more details.