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RHS flower show ‘Safe & Secure’ crime prevention garden leaves a lasting legacy

The ‘Safe & Secure’ crime prevention garden that proved such a hit at this year’s Royal Horticultural Society Hyde Hall Flower Show is leaving a lasting legacy in the local area with the possibility of future gardens at RHS events.

The garden, which had many techniques incorporated into it to deter opportunistic burglars is part of a partnership project seeking to promote the benefits of defensive planting both locally within Essex and nationally.

The partnership comprises of Essex Police, Secured by Design, the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) and BALI (British Association of Landscape Industries), who have come together to build a unique Plant Trail at RHS Hyde Hall, Essex.

The Plant Trail, which launched at the RHS Hyde Hall Summer Flower Show is aimed at providing the public and those within the landscape and building industry with a location where they can visit and see mature defensive plants, which are also pollinators and are ecologically stable, growing. As a means of reference, an explanatory guide and trail map is available, and all plants will have an SBD branded label to assist with identification. Additional information can be found here: Creating_a_safe__secure_garden_6ppDL_leaflet_AW.pdf

The Plant Trail will promote suitable RHS, BALI and Bee Conservation Trust agreed defensive plant mixes which are suitable to protect boundaries and vulnerable features of buildings for landscape designers, developers and others.

ITV Anglia 1 Stephen

Essex Police Designing Out Crime Officer Stephen Armson-Smith said: “Thinking carefully about the layout of a garden can protect both a garden and home from crime by providing an additional layer of security. The aim of the Plant Trail is to raise awareness of the simple measures available and ensure that proper security considerations are given on landscape projects involving new, conservation and established build projects.

“Nature can help fight back and can supplement conventional security products. Good landscape design, secure fences and the plants themselves, will not only create an aesthetically pleasing garden but also deter criminals.”

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Head of site at RHS Hyde Hall Ian Le Gros said: “Well thought out defensive planting as part of garden design can provide an element of security, whilst at the same time provide a pleasant environment to live and work.”

Secured by Design Development Officer Lyn Poole said; “Garden security is such a great way to enhance the physical security of a home whatever size the house and garden.”