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Roseview Windows offers sash windows with significantly reduced u-values

Respected sash window manufacturer and Secured by Design member company Roseview Windows now offers sash windows with significantly reduced u-values.

The company’s class-leading Heritage and Ultimate Rose sash windows are available with a certified U-value of 1.2 W/m2K without the use of specialist glass such as triple or vacuum glazing.

This advance uses Roseview’s new ThermoVFlex system, which is based upon patented technology developed by REHAU. ThermoVFlex centres on improving the window’s u-value through profile enhancements, rather than relying on glass.

Roseview Managing Director Richard Burrells explains: “Until now the only way to reduce the u-value on sash windows below 1.4 W/m2K was with triple or vacuum glazing. Both options carry problems, including cost, weight and practicality. For instance, most sash windows include astragal bars, which are not viable with triple or vacuum glazing.

“ThermoVFlex allows us to manufacture a Heritage or Ultimate Rose sash window with a 1.2 u-value, while using the same IGUs that previously gave us 1.4. It costs much less than triple glazing and vacuum units and doesn’t impose restrictions on the use of safety glass, patterns or astragal bars.”

“This is a major advance in sash window technology. While the Future Homes Standard is maintaining current U-value requirements, finding economically viable ways of improving energy efficiency remains important. For new-builds in particular, this gives customers more room to manoeuvre with their limiting values.

“Roseview has a long history of innovation, pushing back the boundaries of what is technically and visually possible with sash windows. This is simply a continuation of that, made possible by our close partnership with REHAU.” 

Commenting on the launch, Russell Hand, Head of Product Management and Technical at REHAU Window Solutions UK said: “REHAU have been setting the standards in window development for over 30 years. Our latest development is a patented technology that can reduce the U-value of our windows without the need for specialist glazing. It's a significant step which is particularly relevant for sash windows and so it made perfect sense to work with long-standing REHAU customer Roseview to launch this exciting new technology.”

You can find out more about the Roseview Windows and their range of SBD accredited products here.  

Roseview Windows

Roseview Windows are the UK's leading sash window manufacturer.  Established in 1977, Roseview were one of the first companies in the UK to manufacture uPVC vertical sliding windows, giving them unparalleled knowledge and experience in this area.

Home to the Ultimate Rose, Heritage Rose and Charisma Rose models, the company cater for a range of projects, whether it's driven by price or authenticity.

Based in the Buckinghamshire market town of Olney, Roseview Windows have been in the same location from the very start.