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SBD approved Asgard Bike Shed foils attempted bike theft

A Secured by Design approved Asgard Bike Shed has foiled thieves, keeping bikes within it safe and secure during an attempted burglary, despite the use of a drill and crowbars by thieves.

Secured by Design (SBD) member Asgard Secure Steel Storage is a popular go-to bike storage solution for professional athletes, with 15 athletes choosing a SBD accredited Asgard shed to store their bikes, prioritising security above anything else.

One of those athletes is professional cyclist turned cycling coach, Monica Dew, who is now feeling very relieved with her choice, as she woke up recently to find her Annexe SBD accredited shed been attacked by thieves - but despite their efforts, they didn’t break through the Asgard security features and Monica's bikes remained safe. 

While keeping the bike safe and secure, the Annexe had undergone significant damage, with the thieves trying to drill the shed locking mechanism and surrounding area, along with using a crowbar in an attempt to force open the doors.

Shed Breakin Attempt

Hearing their shed had foiled an attempted attack, Asgard sent out their in-house shed installation team to visit Monica to examine the damage, with two new replacement doors needed. The old doors were taken away for Asgard’s engineers to examine further before being recycled, with the non-recyclable handle being converted to energy (EFW).

For extra security, the Asgard team called on their recent collaboration with SBD member Yale home security, to offer Monica a CCTV security camera and an additional ground anchor.

Shed Breakin Attempt

Monica said: "I mean this would be a different story if it wasn't for Asgard keeping my stuff safe! You ain't getting near my bikes...Evidence right there that Asgard Storage WORKS".

Asgard’s Andy Heath said: “Our Annexe shed, has been repeatedly described as bomb proof, and time after time that is proven correct.  These sheds may be small, but they pack a real punch security wise - perfect for securing the family bikes”.

Secured by Design Technical Manager Alfie Hosker said: “Asgard’s Police Preferred Specification bike and motorcycle shed range has a superb reputation for security and foiling this burglary shows that this reputation is well deserved”.

Shed Breakin Attempt

Monica’s SBD accredited Annexe bike shed is a compact 6ft x 4ft, perfectly designed to hold her 3 bikes. Fitted with an integral base that bolts to the ground, a 5-point locking mechanism with a pick and drill resistant lock, reinforced doors, panels and hinges, the Annexe is an excellent shed to keep bikes safe.  This underlines the importance of products being independently tested and certified to repel criminal attacks, with this product undergoing testing and certification with The Loss Prevention Certification Board.

Shed Breakin Attempt

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