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Secure Bike Storage

Streetpods; the only public realm “Secured by Design” approved bike parking system is yet again helping to reduce bike crime!

Using only the most robust materials, the Streetpod is made in the UK from 100% recycled /recyclable high quality materials, and available in a range of colours /finishes to suit different environments. An individual track for each bike ensures bike protection and prevents bike over-crowding.

Cyclepods bike parking products use 50% less space than conventional cycle stands and cycle racks Two bikes can be secured neatly in just 70cm if necessary and no foundations are required. Cyclepods Ltd are a carbon neutral company.

“Having checked our crimes system and we have had no thefts of cycles from any Streetpods for the last year were as the previous year we had a few before the Streetpods were installed- so this has to be good news!”

PC Hazel Goss North Wales eastern community safety officer.

For more information please check their profile page