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Spooky Cyber Threats – Day 4

October is #CyberSecMonth and with this week leading up to Halloween, our Business Engagement Officer Hannah steps in to the mind of a cyber criminal to highlight common cyber security issues and help you #BeCyberSmart. Today the focus is on ‘How to deal with an incident’.

“After all my antics over the last few days, how did you defeat me?

“With an Incident Response Plan you considered the key threats towards your business and was prepared to handle such situations. You made informed decisions and dealt with the incident quickly. I had no option but to admit defeat and I could not proceed any further in my plan of attack - if I am on the network for a decent length of time I can really escalate an attack to cause detrimental damage.

“Knowing exactly who to call, who to communicate the incident to and removing me from the network efficiently greatly saved you a massive headache of uncertainty, stress and worry.

“With your systems clean once more, get back to business as usual in no time with the help of your Disaster Recovery Plan. Restore your clean backups so you can pick up from where you left off. Be sure to not accidentally reinstall the malware upon restoration of backups, as you will get stuck in an attack loop!”

Halloween WEB INTRO

ADVICE - How to deal with an incident:

Hannah Khoo is the Business Engagement Officer for Police Crime Prevention Initiatives, delivering the award winning ‘In the Community’ programme and drop-in Digital Security Clinics. Hannah’s role sees her visit local businesses with police officers to carry out cyber  security assessments, provide practical support and share detailed advice about cyber crime and online security.  Hannah completed a BSc Honours degree in Computer Security and Forensics at the University of Greenwich and was named as one of Britain’s top 50 business advisers by Enterprise Nation in 2020.