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“The Secured by Design membership is important to us"

Swedish glassmaker and one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of unbreakable glazing solutions to the global market, Hammerglass, have renewed their membership with the official police security initiative Secured by Design.

Hammerglass began in 1993, with the mission to reduce the ongoing costs of replacing broken glass. After initially producing externally fitted add-on systems for windows, the company began to develop an insulated glass with the same unbreakable characteristics and today Hammerglass offers virtually unbreakable glass solutions to three main business areas: Property, Infrastructure and Automotive.

Hammerglass is 300 times stronger than normal glass, whilst being half the weight and is tested to BS EN 356, Security Class P8B, equivalent to the highest safety rating for grilles and roller shutters. To obtain this classification the glass must withstand 70 blows with an axe. In the case of Hammerglass, the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute gave up the test after 72 blows and then had to use a forklift truck twice to pull the axe out of the glass.

Hammerglass 2

The surface treatment features a unique coating of silicon oxide, rendering Hammerglass almost as resistant to scratches as normal glass, resistant to most chemicals and providing a high level of protection with all the aesthetic properties of normal glass.

Secured by Design member companies Premier Security Consultants, based in Ilford, Essex and Cardea Solutions, based in Manchester, are official suppliers of Hammerglass products.

Kenny McHugh, Secured by Design National Manager, said: “Hammerglass is an excellent product and they have been members of Secured by Design for many years. When I worked as a Police Designing Out Crime Officer we often recommended Hammerglass due to its excellent reputation”.

Bengt Nilsson, CEO of Hammerglass AB, states: “The SBD membership is important to us. Through this we get a natural access into the very important British market. We have been present in GB for over 10 years and we see a steadily growth in sales but also in the recognition of our products, being recommended and listed in more and more projects. The recognition we have experienced by the SBD officers has also been very valuable during our customers’ evaluation of different safety and security solutions.”

You can find out more about Hammerglass and their extensive range of Secured by Design glazing products here: