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“There is a critical need for product quality and durability”

Leading designer and manufacturer of church roof alarms, security systems and detector technology, E-Bound AVX have renewed their membership with Secured by Design.

Established since 2009, and with an extensive knowledge and experience of customer requirements, the company have provided over 1,000 effective and reliable church roof alarm systems, including perimeter security and intruder detection solutions, for a wide range of clients.

E-Bound AVX are widely considered the market leaders in the technology and regularly set the industry standards through continuous innovation. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the E-Bound church roof alarm system is the result of many years of successful development and customer feedback, resulting in an affordable package that doesn't compromise on quality, reliability or performance.

E-Bound AVX’s Church Roof Alarm System recently foiled an attempted lead theft at a Church in the Tyne and Wear area. An intruder alarm activation was received one evening, with night-time hours response officers quickly attending the scene. Intruders had accessed the church grounds and roof, damaging a PIR sensor, but had quickly fled after the alarm activation, fleeing before damaging or removing any lead from the roof.

Further details on E-Bound AVX and their SBD accredited Church Roof Alarm System, External Fuel Tank Alarm System and Farm Security Alarm System can be found here.

Angus Brown, E-Bound AVX, said: “When choosing a security supplier for such significant heritage buildings it is essential to purchase high performance, high security products proven to prevent and reduce crime.  There is a critical need for product quality and durability, in particular when the supervision of listed buildings is at stake, where repair costs are measured in the hundreds of thousands of pounds. We recognise the importance of Secured by Design in helping customers make informed choices when it comes to selecting suppliers”. 

Doug Skins, Secured by Design, said: “I’m delighted that E-Bound AVX have renewed their membership with SBD, with their products which can be used to tackle the scourge of rural crime and lead theft. Although lead theft is not a regular news item as much as some other crimes, the threat to churches and historic buildings from this crime is still an issue, with churches regularly being targeted for the lead and copper on their roofs”.