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Vaylia: designing and building security projects to tested and recognised standards

It’s not every security company whose personnel have been involved in protecting G8 conferences, nuclear summits, political party conventions, space rocket launch sites, oil and gas installations, prisons and Olympic and Commonwealth Games venues.

But these are the impressive credentials of the security experts from London-based Vaylia Limited, one of the latest companies to join Secured by Design (SBD), the UK’s official police security initiative.

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Capable of working on projects of all sizes up to the largest in the UK and internationally, Vaylia’s services range from consulting and specification through to installation, testing and sign off. This means it can design and build security projects, including those with the highest profile, and hand them over as operationally ready.

Working with product manufacturers and service providers, Vaylia use its risk management and physical security experience to bring together measures and processes that are unique and creative to offer protection tested to recognised standards. This includes CCTV and video analytics, RADAR, access control, electric fencing and perimeter intrusion detection and hostile vehicle mitigation.


From an office based near Canary Wharf Underground Station, Paul Painter, Chief Executive Officer, Vaylia, (pictured above) explained: “Our strengths are our people with many of our capabilities coming from in-house. Also we have a genuine care for our clients.”

He said he was encouraged by announcements during the COVID-19 lockdown about huge central government investment in infrastructure projects around the UK. However, there is a need to ensure that this capital investment is spent in the best way.

Paul explained: “A partnership proposal to develop a successful, long-term, strategic relationship between customers and suppliers, based on best practices and best in class products and services, is in my opinion, key to ensuring best value propositions to clients. We have also built some very exciting partnerships with global businesses that want to work with us as they believe in our ethos and what we can achieve together.

“Identifying risk is key and needs to consider the whole lifetime cost of the scheme and products that are appropriate and proportionate to the risk to avoid money being wasted on under or over specified products.”

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Chris Plimley, Director, Vaylia, (pictured above) stressed that the importance of tested and certified physical measures, such as robust perimeters, pedestrian and vehicle gates and turnstiles, should not be underestimated.

“The testing determines the intruder or attacker delay provided by any particular product and provides the end-user with peace of mind. Measures such as video analytics systems or radar linked to CCTV which can track movement outside the perimeter or that detect cutting and climbing attacks on the fence provide additional security.”

Chris added: “We also have some exciting product developments in the pipeline in the physical and electronic market as well as interesting developments in business position and recruitment that we are working on behind the scenes that we cannot wait to launch.”

Vaylia has joined the Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications (CSSC) initiative to share messages between the private sector and national and local government and law enforcement agencies to help businesses develop robust resilience and emergency preparedness.

The company is also a registered supplier on Achilles UVDB construction industry accreditation and risk management scheme, which helps utility companies assess suppliers to ensure they meet industry requirements.

Having worked with Governments, Police Forces and military agencies around their world, their senior management team has been involved with:

- G8 Summit Northern Ireland
- Nuclear Security Summit Holland
- UK party conferences
- Oil and gas installations
- Cash handling and data centres
- Transport Infrastructure
- Prisons in UK and France
- Space rocket launch sites
- Commonwealth Games Glasgow
- London Olympic Games

Vaylia has a range of products that meet SBD’s Police Preferred Specification include building shell, glazing, grilles and shutters, doors and physical perimeter security including bollards, planters and seat frames. They also promise more to come. Visit:

Hazel Goss, Development Officer, SBD, commented: “We are delighted that Vaylia has joined SBD as a member company. They offer a wealth of expertise and experience from the UK and around the world. We look forward to working with them to help them develop their business.”

Tel: 0203 059 4560