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"We are delighted to be supporting and working with the Secured by Design initiative"

The UK’s leading provider of lightweight construction solutions, Etex Building Performance has renewed its membership with the official police security initiative Secured by Design.

Etex Building Performance is a division of the global Etex Group, uniting three leading construction materials brands – Siniat, Promat and EOS Facades – into one powerful light construction solutions provider. Its products and systems include drywall, passive fire protection and steel framing systems.

Etex’s Siniat Securtex partition is an anti-intruder walling system with security ‘designed in’ to the product for use in residential multi-occupancy buildings.

Siniat Securtex plasterboard contains a high tensile fibre mesh within a 15mm gypsum plasterboard to create an invisible layer of protection, which effectively spreads any physical impact and has been proven to be sufficiently attack resistant to achieve the LPS 1175 Security Rating Classification 1 standard.

It is the first full plasterboard system to meet this standard to create secure single and twin frame partitions for party walls between dwelling and communal areas, between two dwellings, and around a secure doorset. The system has also achieved Police Preferred Specification.


Lyn Poole, Secured by Design, said: "I’m pleased that Etex Building Performance has renewed its Secured by Design membership, with its Police Preferred Specification accredited Siniat Securtex Partions which achieved LPS 1175 Security Rating 1.

“The part wall construction industry is very competitive and to have products not only tested but third party certificated by a UKAS certification body and accredited by Secured by Design can only benefit Etex and make it shine above its competitors. I am looking forward to working with the team over the next three years."

Mark Riley, Regional Development Manager at Etex Building Performance commented “Our collaboration with the Police’s Secured by Design initiative has helped to establish Securtex as a leading security partition wall system within the multi residential sector. We are delighted to be supporting and working with the Secured by Design initiative and look forward to a continuation of this successful partnership moving forward.”

You can find out more about Etex Building Performance and its Secured by Design accredited Siniat Securtex SR1 anti intruder partitions here: