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“We look forward to working with PCPI in the delivery of further prevention training as part of the longer term Crime Prevention Strategy” – PSNI take delivery of their first accredited crime prevention qualification

Police Crime Prevention Initiatives (PCPI) Crime Prevention Academy have been working with the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) Crime Prevention Unit to provide delivery of the first accredited crime prevention qualification for PSNI officers and staff.

The Level 4 Certificate in Crime Prevention is aimed at officers and staff working in specialist roles and is delivered exclusively by the PCPI Crime Prevention Academy, which is an approved centre for the awarding body ProQual.

Speaking on behalf of the Academy, the Head of Learning and Development Guy Collyer said, “We have been delivering accredited qualifications for the officers and staff of police services and partner agencies across the UK since September 2018. This course was delivered by locally based trainers to ensure that the content is relevant to the ongoing work conducted by PSNI.”

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Speaking on behalf of the PSNI Crime Prevention Unit, Chris Sloan said: “This is first time that officers and staff from the Police Service of Northern Ireland and staff from the Policing and Community Safety Partnerships have taken part in the Level 4 Certificate in Crime Prevention course and they have all found it to be extremely helpful for their roles.

“We have just recently appointed a number of new crime prevention officers across our organisation and this training forms part of their continued development programme to become a fully accredited Crime Prevention Design Adviser.

“Delivering this locally based course highlights the PSNI’s commitment to partnership working and provides improved resilience in the prevention of crime and keeping people safe across Northern Ireland.

“We look forward to working with PCPI in the delivery of further prevention training as part of the longer term Crime Prevention Strategy.”

Delegates attended the classroom phase of the qualification at the Police College of Northern Ireland, having completed preliminary work including e-learning. Local delivery ensured that specific legislation and local policy documents could be referenced and relevant inputs from internal and external subject matter experts sourced.

The Level 4 Certificate in Crime Prevention for Practitioners content includes the context of crime; the application of a problem solving process; correct and effective use of security products; site security surveys and environmental visual audits; working in partnerships and related legislation; and running a crime prevention initiative.

The Level 4 Certificate provides a stepping stone to the Level 5 Diploma in Crime Prevention – Designing Out Crime.

The Level 4 Certificate is part of the new generation of accredited, regulated and portable qualifications in Crime Prevention and Designing Out Crime. The qualifications provide learning and CPD opportunities for those within the Police Service and other public organisations. This includes Local Authority departments, Community Safety Partnerships, Fire and Rescue, Health and Probation services. The qualifications are also available and relevant to private sector businesses such as security staff and managers, architects and planners.

As well as scheduled national delivery, the qualifications can be delivered locally dependent on delegate numbers and available budget of an organisation. To find out more about the qualifications delivered by the Academy and scheduled dates for delivery in 2019/2020, please contact:

The Police Crime Prevention Academy is just one initiative belonging to Police Crime Prevention Initiatives (PCPI) and is an Approved Centre for the awarding body, ProQual. The accredited qualifications which it delivers are regulated by Ofqual.

PCPI is a police owned organisation that works on behalf of Police & Crime Commissioners and Chief Constables to deliver a wide range of crime prevention and demand reduction initiatives across the UK. It is a non-profit organisation and Board Members include senior police officers from each of the four Home Nations who control and direct the work PCPI carries out on behalf of the Police Service.