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Unit D,15 Whitehouse Road, Springkerse Industrial Estate
T: 0141 478 0365


QUICKBLOCK® is a rapid assembly and disassembly building system which is delivered in flat-pack, its modular and easy to use. The product has the capability to be used in a wide variety of scenarios including for general infrastructure, cover from view, hostile vehicle and even to offer ballistic and blast protection. QUICKBLOCK offers a new, innovative Hostile Vehicle Mitigation system which is free standing, requires no plant and machinery to put in place and is designed with speed of assembly/disassembly in mind. This system is IWA14-1 compliant and can be found in the NPSA (formerly CPNI) catalogue of impact rated security equipment. Furthermore, the blocks are made from 100% recycled plastic that would otherwise go to landfill, are completely reusable (e.g. structures can be dismantled and rebuild elsewhere) and are recyclable at the end of their useful life. The company are based in Stirling, Scotland and are open to working with end-users to develop specific solutions to meet their requirements.

Supply Types

  • Commercial Supplier/Installer
  • Commercial
  • Supply To Trade
  • Manufacturer


Physical Perimeter Security