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Fuel Theft Solutions Ltd

164 Northwood Lane, Tittensor
Newcastle Under Lyme
T: 01782 909 489


Fuel Theft Solutions are Industry leaders in this field and whatever your requirements, big or small, we are able to offer bespoke solutions to prevent fuel theft whether this be Governmental, Military or Individual Companies. We are able to offer Custom blending to client specification from within the UK ensuring stringent quality control. Fuel Theft Solutions Ltd ship Worldwide in accordance with ADR, IATA and IMDG. SafePark: With Freight and fuel crime rates increasing on a yearly basis, protecting both your drivers and customers goods has never been more important. Planning routes in order to maximise efficiencies without knowing the locations of active crime hot spots increases the risks to both cargo and fuel thefts. SafePark supports multiple brand and search options including secure parking where security are on site. SafePark is a secure private platform which provides the latest crime data through mapping, this data is updated twice daily ensuring that both the haulier and driver has the latest information at hand to make an informed decision on where is best to park. Drivers are able to view crimes through a traffic light system with red crime pins showing you the latest crime locations. Hauliers can restrict locations based on criminal activity.

Supply Types

  • Commercial


Vehicle Security