These are often targeted by thieves as an easy option and they hold valuable items that can be easily sold on i.e. items such as bikes, mowers, power tools, garden tools and sporting equipment such as golf clubs.

Research has shown that the average shed contents are valued between £1,500 and £5,000, making sheds easy pickings if insecure.

Shed security can be improved with a few simple measures:


Don’t make a burglar’s job easier by leaving gardening tools lying around as these are often used to force entry into your home – a garden spade can do a lot of damage to a door or window in a short space of time. Remember most burglaries are committed at the rear of the home.


Technology that allows you to monitor your property has changed considerably in recent years. The Internet of Things [IOT] now includes Wi-Fi doorbells and camera systems. These can be linked to your phone and tablet to alert you to any activation and view your property in real-time. The installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV) which can be linked to your television or video to view your garden is an alternative.
secure shed