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Trailers and Horsebox Security

Theft of lightweight livestock and flatbed trailers and horse boxes has been growing – they are particularly vulnerable as they can be easily towed away unless security measures are taken.

Below are a few simple precautions to deter thieves – remember the best security is a layered approach with the aim of making your property a less attractive target to thieves.

Physical security

Try and make your trailer or horsebox unattractive to steal – if the thief must spend more time breaking the security products attached to the trailer, they may move on to an easier target. Consider fitting a combination of several products such as a hitch lock anti-theft device, wheel clamps and locking wheel nuts.

If your trailer is stored in a barn or on a hard concrete surface, an SBD approved ground anchor with a heavy duty chain with a high attack rating is another option to be considered.

Restrict access

If your trailer or horsebox is parked on the driveway, consider closing any gates at night or when you are not using it. If you don’t have gates, a vehicle bollard will provide an extra visible deterrent.

Record details

Keep a record of serial numbers, chassis and model numbers and take note of any custom marks on the horsebox or trailer. Take colour photographs from several angles and additionally take videos with a smartphone if possible, including markings. If stolen, being able to track and identify your horsebox or trailer is vital to the police.

Security marking

Security marking your trailer or horsebox using an SBD recognised forensic asset marking is another highly effective, visible deterrent to thieves and an established method of reducing theft.

The CESAR system

The CESAR System is the National security marking system of the Construction Equipment Association and Agricultural Engineers Association and has the aim of reducing plant and farm theft

Tracking systems

Fit an SBD approved tracking device to the horsebox so it can be traced if stolen. SBD have several members which specialise in this area and can advise on the best system and fitting of the product.


Don’t leave any tack in the horsebox overnight – store it away safely and be especially careful at events and shows.


Check that you have adequate cover under your insurance for theft for your tack, including overnight shows away from home.