Garage Security Advice

Where possible, keep your car in a garage. Parking your vehicle out of view is one of the best ways to prevent opportunist theft. 

Detached garages fall into two categories, those located near the house often set back from the road, but well overlooked by surrounding houses and those located at the rear of the property accessed by a service road.

These types of garage are likely to be an easier target due to them being out of sight, often trees and high hedging at the rear of gardens to provide some privacy to the houses makes the situation worse.

Garages connected to the house, some of these will have a connecting door to the main house, so care needs to be taken over the type of door fitted. A dual certificated door for both fire and security would be required. More information can be found on our Guidance and Standards page.

Secure Doors

One of the most important things to consider is the security of the garage door itself, unfortunately, many older types of garage doors are very easy to break into with simple tools and become easy targets for thieves.

If you are considering a new garage door consider replacing them with an accredited SBD product, these are now available as up & over, sectional and roller shutter options.  


If you don’t want to change your door consider fitting a garage door defender or upgrade garage door locks. If you have a house alarm system, consider connecting the garage if it’s attached to the house. For further information about alarms please access via the following link: SBD Alarm Advice 

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Further Advice

  • Another option is to park your car on a drive. If your drive has gates, consider closing them at night or when you are not using your vehicle.
  • If you don’t have gates, a vehicle bollard will provide an extra visible deterrent.
  • Often an area that is overlooked is the security of the garage doors. Unfortunately, many older garage doors are very easy to break-into so you should consider replacing them with an accredited SBD product.

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