Research, Case Studies & Guidance

Re-evaluating SBD Housing in West Yorkshire

Independent research carried out by Huddersfield University compared 16 Secured by Design awarded new-build estates against similar but non-awarded estates in West Yorkshire during August 2007 and July 2008.

Resilient Design Toolkit for Counter Terrorism

The Resilient Design Tool (RDT) will help key decision makers consider the proportionate use of counter terrorism (CT) design features in new and existing developments planned for crowded public places (i.e. anywhere in, or adjacent to, locations to which large numbers of the general public have access).

Secured by Design Carbon Reduction and Cost-Efficiency Model

This model has been developed to help police forces calculate the Carbon Cost and Cost Efficiency Savings that can be gained from incorporating the principles of Secured by Design as part of a range of preventive activities.

Secured by Design Impact Evaluation 2009

The Caledonian Environment Centre was commissioned by Glasgow Housing Association, Strathclyde Police and Crime Prevention Initiatives to carry out quantitative and qualitative analysis of the impact of Secured By Design (SBD) door and window installation within GHA housing stock. The evaluation was also supported by the Scottish Government.

Securing the Nation - The Case for Safer Homes 2006

A report by the Association of British Insurers on home security and target hardening.

Standards - Interpretive Document for BSEN 1627 to 1630

This document was specifically prepared by the SBD Test House Studies Group, the membership of which comprises of all of the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) recognised test houses for security testing for doors and windows, to address apparent difficulties associated with the common interpretation of BS EN 1627, BS EN 1628, BS EN 1629 & BS EN 1630.

Standards - Physical Security of Computer Equipment

This leaflet is an aid to help you determine whether a product has the appropriate level of security for its application and risk factor. It is a clear comparison between established security standards appropriate for the physical protection of computers against burglary.

Standards - Security Screens

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA), Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and Secured by Design (SBD) have compiled this leaflet as an aid to help you determine whether a product has the appropriate level of security for its application and risk factor.

Youth Shelters and Sports Systems Good Practice Guide

This document has been updated to include further experience and advice about the problem of young people with nowhere to meet and socialise with their friends. The concept of youth shelters is excellent as it provides a solution which is acceptable to both young people and local residents.