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Bandit UK renew with Secured by Design

Bandit UK Limited is one of the latest companies to renew their membership with Secured by Design (SBD), the official police security initiative.

Bandit Fogging Systems were first designed & developed by the Belgium based manufacturer, Bandit n.v./s.a., in 1992. The vast majority of systems sold since then are still in service today. Bandit UK Ltd was established in October 2004 to market the systems throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Whether an intruder alarm or ‘Panic’ activation, the Fog Bandit instantly delivers ultra-dense security fog to rapidly remove assets from sight and push unwanted intruders out. Bandit fog is totally harmless and leaves no residue.


The Bandit’s patented design and unprecedented track record of performance & reliability has earned it a reputation that has attracted end users from across the commercial sector. From blue chip companies to corner stores, the Fog Bandit is widely used to protect people and assets against the threats of robbery and burglary. The Fog Bandit is used across Financial Institutions, Cash & Valuables in Transit, Cash Processing, Retail, Warehouse Distribution, Leisure, and the Public Sector.

You can find out more about Bandit UK and their SBD accredited Security Fogging products here:

Neil Chrismas, Sales and Marketing Director of Bandit UK, said: “Fog Bandit is a proven 24/7 deterrent and defence mechanism against both overnight burglaries and daytime robberies, with a record 48 UK robberies successfully foiled and zero failures.

“Fog Bandit’s reliable and proven approach is trusted by 1000’s of UK organisations, their staff and business stakeholders on a daily basis and we are proud of our long-standing accreditation of SBD”.

SBD Development Officer Emma Snow said: “I am really pleased Bandit UK has chosen to renew Secured by Design membership for a further three years. The products offered provide an excellent solution to preventing burglary and robbery in many different situations, which not only act as a deterrent but will stop the criminal committing their crime”.