Charter Global Ltd has re-written the rule-book for security shutters with its Obexion range of high security shutters

The design of the Obexion product range is based on the results of extensive market research within high risk and specialist requirement markets and is the only roller shutter system to have independent security certification to LPCB 1175, Issue 7, SR5 –providing guaranteed security for when it matters most.

The comprehensive range of Obexion Security Shutters are independently attack tested and have reached the highest security certification for shutters. Using the unique LockDown technology across the range, in addition to the SR5 security rating, Obexion Shutters have certification to SR2, SR3 and SR4, the most comprehensive range of security shutters, catering for every risk level and building design.

  • LPCB Issue 7 Tested and certified SR2-SR5 inclusive, the only UK manufacturer to have an approved SR5 Shutter.
  • The only roller shutter system to have independent security certification testing across the entire range with LOCKDOWN technology. No auxiliary locking required, unique profiles lock the shutter in any stop position, fully closed or not. Allows external first point of entry through the shutter.
  • Specialist designs for bespoke applications, such as harsh environment, ballistic rating, etc.

Obexion shutters are manufactured in the UK by Charter Global Ltd and brings their expertise to bear on the most challenging requirements by understanding the demands of security within this environment and offering a complete service for survey, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance.

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