"Having my van kitted out with a Van Vault helps me sleep better at night"

Somerset-based Van Vault have renewed their membership with Secured by Design, the official police security initiative.

Van Vault is recognised as the premier brand in the UK for in-vehicle secure storage. For over 20 years Van Vault has been designing and manufacturing a range of purpose-built secure storage containers that protect tools and deter thieves.

The team at Van Vault believe that hard-working people have the right to know their tools are secure, and they’ve made it their duty to help reduce tool theft. They pride themselves on having done the research and rigorous testing, and so can be confident that their product works.

As well as their full range of products, Van Vault also back customers with a range of services which includes a replacement key service, replacement of spare parts and access to their team of experts.

Van Vault

You can find out more about Van Vault and their Secured by Design accredited products at: https://www.securedbydesign.com/member-companies/sbd-members?view=companydetail&account=0011i00000Jpw4RAAR

Luke Walker, a Van Vault customer, said: “A tradesperson’s worse nightmare is to have their tools stolen, it’s not only their personal belongings but also their livelihood that’s taken away from them. So having my van kitted out with a Van Vault helps me sleep better at night and gives me peace of mind that my tools and way of making a living are safe!”

Doug Skins, Secured by Design, commented: “I’m delighted that Van Vault have renewed their membership with Secured by Design. They are valued members and have a range of vehicle security cabinets which have achieved Police Preferred Specification. With the high rates of tool theft from tradespeople, Van Vault do a fantastic job in helping to reduce this. I look forward to our continued working relationship over the coming years.”

Van Vault

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