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Meesons first to achieve LPS 1175: Issue 8 for extended range of Security Portals

Secured by Design member company Meesons, the UK’s leading supplier of entrance control solutions, has become the first to achieve LPS 1175: Issue 8 for an extended range of Security Portals.

The company was previously first to achieve Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1175: Issue 7 for Security Portals.

As well as successfully achieving Issue 8, the latest version of LPS 1175, which replaces Issue 7.3, Meesons has extended the range of fully compliant Security Portals.

Jeremy Terry, Chief Executive Officer, was presented with the new Certificates by Richard Flint, Physical Security Technical and Business Development Manager at BRE, at the LPCB and SABRE workshop in London.

Presenting the certificate, Richard Flint congratulated Meesons for “not only being the first to accept the challenge to deliver products meeting LPS 1175; they were the first to achieve it and have gone on to develop a range comprising over 25 models offering alternative aesthetics, functionality and levels of forced entry protection”.

Richard went on to explain “it is sadly a reality that a growing number of organisations around the world are faced with the growing threat of criminals and extremists willing to use more extreme methods of entry which are not addressed by standards such as PAS 24 and EN 1627. LPS 1175, which covers a far wider range of threat scenarios, provides specifiers and manufacturers with a mechanism by which to determine a product’s effectiveness in mitigating such threats; one that is supported by LPCB robust certification process. The LPCB mark provides assurances that products such as those Meesons has developed, are effective at delivering the levels of resistance to attack stated in the RedBook.”

Meesons presentation

Issue 8 of LPS 1175 retains the same rigorous testing procedures as Issue 7 with the addition of a number of new tests to reflect a broader spectrum of threat scenarios.

All Meesons LPS 1175: Issue 8 Security Portals meet Secured by Design standards, the police preferred specification for security products.

Meesons’ extended range of Issue 8 models include the extra-large C190 Cylindrical Security Portal and large C3 Cylindrical Security Portal, which have now been successfully approved to LPS 1175: Issue 8 A1 (SR1), B3 (SR2) and C5 (SR3).

In addition, a wider range of Meesons’ Security Portals have now achieved LPS 1175: Issue 8, including extra-large FPJ140 2HP Security Portal, the semi-circular FPJ140 1A & FPJ140 2S Security Portals and HPJ140 Half Security Portal.

Extending the range of LPS 1175 certified products means that Meesons now offer three Security Portals approved to A1 (SR1), B3 (SR2) and C5 (SR3) and three approved to A1 (SR1) and B3 (SR2). All models provide a constant high security state without the requirement for external inputs.

Specifiers looking for LPS 1175: Issue 8 Security Portals that are suitable for wheelchair access can choose the C190, FPJ1402S or FPJ140 2HP models. These three models ensure security is maintained during wheelchair transits with one door always being in the closed position, keeping a secure interlock and avoiding a potential free flow of users.

Iain Entwistle, Product Marketing Manager at Meesons, said: “Our extended range of LPS 1175: Issue 8 Security Portals is now the widest in the UK and is supported by independent, rigorous testing, assessment and approval regimes. We are continually reviewing our range to ensure that they respond to all current threat levels, whilst meeting customers budget expectations. We currently have the largest range of LPS 1175: Issue 8 Security Portals in the market, meaning there is more choice for customers with solutions to enable wheelchair or bike access without compromising security.”

SBD Development Officer Lyn Poole said: “Meesons are the forerunners for security UKAS tested and certificated portals, integrating the security of the portals with options to assist the physical security such as traffic light and intercom system, night locks, multi-functional control panels or service mode key switches.

“Meesons are a family owned company and it’s great to have them on board with Secured by Design. Within the year of their membership they have increased their Police Preferred Specification accredited products and, if that wasn't enough also updated the products to LPS 1175 Issue 8. It’s a pleasure to work with Meesons and their team and I look forward to seeing what products they bring to this section of the high end security market".