Met Assistant Commissioner highlights how PCPI delivers significant crime reductions at no cost to the Police Service

Providing “traditional crime prevention, evolving threat crime prevention and free crime prevention” - that was the message from Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt as he highlighted how Police Crime Prevention Initiatives (PCPI) delivers significant crime reductions at no cost to the Police Service or public purse.

In his speech at the Association of Police & Crime Commissioners and National Police Chiefs’ Council Partnership Summit in London AC Hewitt, who is also a Director of PCPI, showcased PCPI – often referred to by its most successful crime prevention initiative Secured by Design - to the delegates at the summit, emphasising the many crime prevention and demand reduction initiatives that PCPI deliver on behalf of Police & Crime Commissioners and Chief Constables across the UK.

AC Hewitt’s presentation gave an overview of some of the innovative and groundbreaking projects PCPI has developed and spearheaded to support the Police Service, Government and the general public.

“I think the key thing in this morning’s message [from the Home Secretary] was that we need to be more active in crime prevention” AC Hewitt told the summit “It reduces demand and allows us to have less victims”.

AC Hewitt's presentation to the conference can be viewed here:

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