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“SBD accreditation is vital to Secure Ring’s success and underlines our commitment to helping in the fight against doorstep burglary”

Belfast’s Secure Ring Global has renewed its membership with Secured by Design (SBD), the National Police Crime Prevention initiative.

Secure Ring represents the next generation in door chains / restrictors as it has been specifically designed to reduce the likelihood of distraction or doorstep burglary, giving customers more confidence and added security when they open their door and are at their most vulnerable.

The unique ring feature is suitable for those with visual impairments or dexterity issues as it is easy to fit over the door handle. The magnetic housing ensures that Secure Ring can be easily stowed when not engaged. And the unique restrictor bar combined with the chain helps to restrict access when opening the door.

Secure Ring is simple to install and easy to use and comes in white to suit most door and ironmongery finishes.

Secure Ring is uniquely suitable for uPVC and composite doors as it is fitted without the need to drill into the door. Drilling into a uPVC or composite door will immediately have a negative impact on the manufacturer’s warranty. - and although it was designed for uPVC / composite doors it can also be fitted to wood or metal providing the door has a handle or lever.

Secure Ring achieved the Police Preferred Specification in 2013, maintaining it ever since.

SBD Senior Development Officer Kenny McHugh said: “I am pleased that Secure Ring have renewed their membership with Secured by Design. They produce a unique security product and their continued membership emphasises their continued commitment to household safety and security”.

Elaine McKeown of Secure Ring Global said: “The SBD accreditation is vital to Secure Ring’s success and underlines our commitment to helping in the fight against doorstep burglary, which normally affects the most vulnerable in society. However, in reality, every home owner with a uPVC door is immediately vulnerable once they open the door so investing in a Secure Ring may be money well spent”.

SBD is a police-owned organisation that works on behalf of the Police service throughout the UK to deliver a wide range of crime prevention and demand reduction initiatives.

SBD plays a significant crime prevention role in the planning process to design out crime in a wide range of building sectors. It has achieved some significant success including one million homes built to SBD standards with reductions in crime of up to 87%.

SBD have many partner organisations, ranging from the Home Office, Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government and the Police Service through to local authorities, housing associations, developers and manufacturers and work closely with standards and certification bodies to ensure that their publicly available standards actually meet the needs of the police and public alike.

Products must be subjected to vigorous testing and auditing by an accredited third-party organisation before being allowed to carry the SBD logo – this is the only way for companies to obtain Police accreditation for security related products in the UK.

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