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SentrySIS crime reporting and monitoring software gains accreditation from Secured by Design

SentrySIS, an innovative online crime reporting and monitoring software, has received the police accredited Secured by Design accolade for its highly secure cloud-based software used by police constabularies, national retailers and crime partnerships.

SentrySIS allows retailers to report crime online directly to police within minutes by generating fully complete MG11 Witness Statements, Business Impact Statements, Witness Care Details and the transfer of in store CCTV video. This secure process results in significant time savings for police and store staff because it reduces the physical need to attend an incident to collect CCTV or conduct a witness statement.

Speaking about the award, Chris Nriapia, of SentrySIS, said: “Secured by Design is the official UK-wide police initiative supporting the principles of 'designing out crime' so in our view it was crucial that SentrySIS received the seal of approval from the SBD team. This accreditation now gives further credibility and confidence to the UK-based police constabularies, national retailers and crime partnerships already using our system.”

In addition to the SentrySIS business portal product for demand reduction and data sharing, the SentrySIS portfolio includes a series of police internal specific software products for improving efficiencies within police constabularies. These tools eliminate the need for paper-based processes and the copying of CCTV onto DVD which take up valuable investigative and administration time for police.

Secured by Design Development Officer, Michael Brooke, commented on the achievement: “We are delighted that SentrySIS has joined Secured by Design. The company’s technologically advanced crime recording and intelligence analysing software brings levels of usability that can only assist the police and others in the fight against crime. We look forward to working with them in the years ahead."

Over the coming months, SentrySIS is inviting police constabularies to see in person the SentrySIS platform through an interactive demonstration of the software and its time-saving capabilities.

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Security officer monitors the system