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SmartWater maintain affiliation with Secured by Design

SmartWater Technology Limited has renewed its membership with Secured by Design (SBD), the national police crime prevention initiative.

SmartWater are an international crime prevention company with an established track record for detecting and deterring criminal activity. The company have created a wide range of crime reduction programmes utilising their cutting-edge and proprietary forensic liquid products which have been highly successful in reducing crimes, such as burglary, robbery and asset theft.

SmartWater forensic liquid marks items of value with their own unique forensic ‘code’ which is almost impossible to remove. Any traces of the liquid will glow Smartwater’s trademarked yellow-green under ultraviolet light, allowing any marked property to be easily identified.

The unique code within the liquid provides an irrefutable forensic link back to the owner of stolen goods and also links criminals with the scene of their crime. By heightening the accountability of thieves in this way, SmartWater has established a formidable reputation as a powerful deterrent and work extensively with Law Enforcement, both at a local level and internationally.


SmartWater is the only supplier or forensic traceable liquid currently compliant with the Home Office Forensic Science Regulator's Codes of Practice issue 4 and is an ISO17025-accredited organisation. If property or an individual is marked using forensic technology provided by a supplier that fails to meet this vital standard, the law mandates that this must be disclosed to the Courts. The Courts may then decide to rule that evidence as inadmissible.

You can find out further details on SmartWater and all of their SBD accredited products which have achieved Police Preferred Specification here:

SBD Development Officer Hazel Goss said: “SmartWater have been members with Secured by Design for over 15 years and I have had the privilege of working alongside them in two capacities, when I was a Police Officer and now as their Development Officer for Secured by Design. They produce amazing products and I am thrilled that they have now renewed their membership with us”.

Phil Cleary, Co-Founder and CEO of SmartWater said: “Secured by Design play a vital role in ensuring that security products used by both the police and the business community are of the highest quality. They are fierce in ensuring adherence to standards that protect consumers from sub-standard products that are not only a waste of public money but can also result in miscarriages of Justice”.