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The Fort Knox of metal garden sheds – Asgard Centurion gets seal of approval

T3, the smart living lifestyle site dedicated to hunting out the best products on the market across all disciplines, has given Asgard Secure Steel Storage’s Secured by Design recognised Centurion Shed its seal of approval, calling it the ‘Fort Knox of metal garden sheds’.

The Centurion shed is part of Asgard’s large bike, garden and motorbike storage range. The entire shed is constructed from high quality galvanised steel and, as with all Asgard storage, features an integral metal base for strength and security. The shed also features a whole host of extra security features such as deadbolts, reinforced doors, plus pick-and-drill resistance locks, all of which contribute to the Asgard Centurion attaining Level1 Loss Prevention Certification, UK locksmiths approval, and of course, Secured by Design recognition.

T3 commented: “After constructing's fair to say that the Asgard Centurion feels like the Fort Knox of garden sheds. It’s built from heavy-duty, galvanised steel panels, which means it isn’t just weather-proof: it’s also very, very difficult to get into without a key.”

T3 was particularly impressed with the enhanced security features of the Centurion unit, of particular note was the 5-point deadbolt locking mechanism with Asgard’s Euro cylinder pick-and-drill resistant lock, snug and safe in a steel protective housing. The magazine reviewers were also impressed by the reinforced, welded hinges, panels, doors, integral base, ground anchor fixing kits, and no exposed screw construction, all of which are designed to make it harder to gain access for would-be thieves. The strong steel construction was a massive plus point for T3.

Asgard Centurion

“Plus, it’s noisy. Try kicking or cutting those panels and the entire neighbourhood will know about it… If you’re looking for super-secure outdoor storage and bricks aren’t an option, the Asgard Centurion is easily one of the best sheds you can buy. It’s strong, sturdy and seriously secure, and we like the flexibility of the storage options inside. Bear in mind that it’s virtually impossible to stop a determined thief: no shed is completely impenetrable. But the Asgard Centurion should be enough to put off the vast majority of opportunists – and a lot of professionals too.”

As with all Asgard units, the Centurion features Asgard’s unique ventilation system inside the roof and side panels. This unique system helps to keep items not just safe but also dry. T3 magazine are using their new Asgard shed to store bikes and gardening equipment, and the Centurion’s large double doors and ramp, make it easy to simply roll lawnmowers and bikes in and out.

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SBD Senior Development Officer Alfie Hosker said: “The sign of a quality product is by an audience of experts who put the product through its paces from a user perspective. This is another positive accolade for Asgard and their Secured by Design, Police Preferred Specification range of sheds and storage solutions.”

You can find out more about Asgard and their extensive range of SBD accredited products here: