Cyber Security Advice - SBD Internet of Things (IOT)

The following cyber security advice will help to keep your IoT devices and products safe and reduce the chances of you falling victim to a cyber-criminal.

We've broken down our cyber advice into four sections; Securing IoT Products, Further Cyber Advice, SBD IoT Products, and more information on the Secured Connected Device Accreditation.


Information on the SBD Secure Connected Device Accreditation

Securing IoT Products

Tips to protect yourselves from IoT cyber threats

Further Cyber Advice

Downloadable leaflets and sharable cyber advice


Search our database for SBD Accreditied IoT Products

Police Preferred

All the security products that are recommended in these guides meet the ‘Police Preferred’ specification of Secured by Design. Look for our logo on the product packaging or when buying a product, ask whether it has been accredited by Secured by Design, the official police security initiative.

You can also visit our Members Page, where we list the companies who are members of Secured by Design along with their accredited products. You can also search for products via the product search function.

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