Modranska 621/72
143 01 Praha 4
T: 0203 642 1815
W: www.2n.com


2N has been in the vanguard of innovation in the access control and lift communication sector. The company now covers the full range of solutions in the field of security, access control systems & communication within buildings and serves both the residential and commercial markets. Galvanised since 2016 by a partnership with the Axis group, 2N continues to innovate, reinvesting 13% of global revenues in R&D. 2N has teams in nine countries (Czech Republic, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, UAE and Australia) with an extensive distribution network throughout the rest of the world.

Supply Types

  • Commercial Supplier/Installer
  • Domestic Supplier/Installer
  • Manufacturer


Electronic Door Entry

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