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Alford House, Kennington

The main entrance door for Alford House, Kennington was old, of timber construction, and offered very little visibility from inside to see who was waiting outside.

The secondary door created a lobby, although this lobby was too small to be of any use and the door was therefore kept open all the time.

Premier Security & Fire Consultants installed a fully glazed main front entrance door to the venue which is access controlled from inside the office. This door allows staff to be able to see exactly who is outside waiting to be let in.

The secondary door was removed and a large screen with fully glazed door installed, creating a secure lobby with an additional screen in front of the office to provide security to the staff. This system now gives the staff full confidence in their ability to monitor and control who comes into the youth club.

A full Environmental Visual Audit was also carried out giving the youth club the information they need for further improvements and advice on how best to spend improvement funding.

In addition, the club receive defibrillators along with the necessary training to use them in the event of a violent attack and the London Fire Brigade also carried out inspections of the premises to identify and mitigate any fire hazards and provide advice around fire evacuation plans.

Tim Saunders, the Youth Club Manager at Alford House, said: “Any youth worker will tell you that they strive to carry out activity in a safe environment, both physical and emotional. Anything that improves safety must be welcomed. The new design actually makes the entrance to the club much more welcoming than before, while improving our ability to see exactly who is coming in and out.

“It’s terrific that these features lead to greater security for all who use the club, and this investment in youth clubs is most welcome. The parents of younger members are pleased and the older members have commented on what a good idea it is. This process was not without its teething problems but everything was surmountable and we even had some laughs along the way. I am so pleased we have benefited from this and I am delighted the scheme will be continued into the future.”