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Bruce Grove Youth Centre, Tottenham

The existing main doors for the youth club were unsuitable due to the slow opening speed and under-powered electric opener. As a result of this, they were inoperable during the initial visit and broke down on average every 18 months, incurring a high cost each time.

Premier Security & Fire Consultants installed a pair of large SR2 glazed doors incorporating an airlock lobby and full access control integration into the existing system. The visibility from inside the venue is now hugely improved.

A full Environmental Visual Audit was also carried out giving the youth club the information they need for further improvements and advice on how best to spend improvement funding.

In addition, the club receive defibrillators along with the necessary training to use them in the event of a violent attack and the London Fire Brigade also carried out inspections of the premises to identify and mitigate any fire hazards and provide advice around fire evacuation plans.

With doors and frames this size, there was doubt whether it would be possible, but Premier rose to the challenge and installed some doors that look amazing, and crucially, make the venue safe for years to come.