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Tulse Hill Adventure Playground, Lambeth

The main entrance gate to the Tulse Hill Adventure Playground required a shroud being put around the gate release as it was possible to reach through and open the gate from outside.

The office window also had some old metal grilles in place which restricted vision from the office to the outside. These grilles were removed improving natural surveillance for the staff.

The sports hall doors were replaced with a fully glazed security rated door and vision panel and was configured in such a way that the hall could be used as a secure refuge in the event of an incident outside.

A full Environmental Visual Audit was also carried out giving the youth club the information they need for further improvements and advice on how best to spend improvement funding.

In addition, the club receive defibrillators along with the necessary training to use them in the event of a violent attack and the London Fire Brigade also carried out inspections of the premises to identify and mitigate any fire hazards and provide advice around fire evacuation plans.

The added security provided by Warrior Doors now makes this a safe, secure and much more attractive place for young people in the Tulse Hill area to enjoy.

Simon Cham, Technical Security Advisor, Warrior Doors: “We were more than delighted to be included in the inaugural target hardening project aimed at youth clubs in London. We hope, as the Metropolitan Police Service and others involved in the project do, this progresses into a national one, better ensuring safe spaces for young people to positively engage, build their knowledge base and social interactive skills.

“We installed an LPS 2081 SRB stainless steel arrangement, outward opening glazed door, parallel sash mortise deadlocks with thumb turns, horizontal mag-lock with in-frame door release and adjacent full length fixed window panes. This assisted in enabling the gym area to be used as a refuge in times of emergency.

“We also made improvements to the existing pedestrian gate by fitting an anti-finger trap guard, break-glass and press to exit buttons with all-weather protective covers.

“We removed the unused concertina grilles from the staff office, which caused natural surveillance issues for staff observing the main pedestrian gate entrance. The removed grilles contributed to our long-standing metal reclamation scheme funding a charity for blind persons in Africa.”