Disklabs Limited

Disklabs House, Galena Close
B77 4AS
T: 01827 55555
W: www.faradaybag.com


The Original RF Shielding Faraday Bags Disklabs is a privately established company, founded in 1997. Disklabs started as a hard drive broker, then organically grew into a data recovery company. 2004 saw Disklabs entere the world of Digital Forensics. To aid the Mobile Phone Forensics Team, Disklabs invented the windowed faraday bag. Disklabs have been manufacturing faraday bags since 2007. Originally manufactured in the USA, then China, the bags are exclusively manufactured in the United Kingdom, by an ISO9001 accredited British company. Disklabs now manufacturer over 50 products.

Supply Types

  • Commercial
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