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Asgard Release new Secured by Design accredited Motorcycle Workshop

Secured by Design (SBD) member company Asgard Secure Steel Storage has added a new product to their SBD range - the Garrison, a 10ft x 11ft secure motorcycle storage & workshop shed.

What is the Garrison designed for?

The Garrison is a stand-alone, all-purpose Motorcycle workshop, 10ft 2" x 10ft 9" deep, and 99 stone (628 kilos) in weight. It has an internal apex roof height of 6ft 8", and easy access reinforced double-door access, as well as a fully integral ventilation system. 

As with all Asgard products, the Garrison motorcycle garage workshop is designed and made in Britain from, heavy-duty,  reinforced weatherproof (galvanised) steel panels with an integral, built-in full metal floor (to be bolted down for further security) and a set of  5-point locking double doors (with deadbolts) and EN1303-rated pick-and-drill resistant locks.  

The Garrison Motorcycle workshop garage has been designed to become a stand-alone, fully functional workshop and garage.

The Garrison Motorcycle workshop features a series of electrical mounting plates and Grommet access points inside for adding power, ideal for storing and tinkering with all types of motorbikes & scooters.

Andy Heath from Asgard said: “The Garrison Workshop Shed is a direct response to our customers requesting a larger 10ft wide shed. We’ve seen some fantastic Asgard customer reviews where they’ve transformed their metal sheds into workshops, adding workbenches, lighting, peg boards, lighting strips - the full works. This versatile Motorcycle Workshop is designed to accommodate up to 3 motorbikes or less with a workbench.”

What makes the Garrison Secured by Design accredited?

To safely store all tools and bike spares, the Garrison Workshop features reinforced panels and doors (with locking "claws" to help prevent the doors from being forced).  Even more security is provided with the welded hinges, and a fully integral metal base that bolts to the ground, so this motorcycle workshop gives you 360 degrees of motorcycle protection. 

To further help keep thieves at bay, the Garrison workshop is fitted with a tough 5-point locking system including internal deadbolts, an EN1303-rated pick-and-drill resistant euro-cylinder lock, and a handle that has been designed to shear off in an attempted attack. 

The Workshop is also fitted with a hidden pop-out hole in the fascia to add a security camera and/or light to the front of your shed. 

All these excellent security features make this garden tool shed UK Locksmith, LPCB level 1, and a Police preferred specification product (Secured by Design) for peace of mind.

Available in 3 colours - contemporary grey, natural forest green, or light cream/ ivory to complement all imaginable garden designs - this durable and long-lasting all-metal motorcycle garage is designed and made by Asgard in their Yorkshire factory, and delivered for free to most of the UK mainland by their fleet of vehicles. Installation is included with this unit due to the complexity of the structure.

All Asgard sheds and workshops are supplied with a 10-year anti-perforation warranty for total confidence.

Stopping Shed condensation

Hidden away in the heavy-duty, reinforced all-metal roof you will find Asgard’s unique shed ventilation system – a series of discreet holes designed into the roof to allow air to flow freely inside, keeping condensation down to a minimum – and helping to keep your bikes and tools safe and dry. The Garrison Garage Workshop is fitted with additional ventilation on the side panels to further increase airflow for working inside the workshop.

The Asgard motorcycle garages have a secret - add in an Asgard gutter kit and collect rainwater straight from the garage, perfect for cleaning bikes post-ride, with rainwater for free.

Alfie Hosker, Secured by Design, said: “Asgard continue to develop and expand their Police Preferred Specification storage range, with the Garrison stand-alone, all-purpose Motorcycle workshop. In fairness, it could fit several other applications, for the end user. It is testament to the quality and security of their products that they have once again achieved certification against the rigorous LPCB LPS1175 intruder attack test standard to demonstrate its security robustness”.

Limited Time Offer

To celebrate the launch of the Garrison shed, Asgard is offering 10% off until 22nd July 2024 using the code ‘GARCY’. Excludes delivery if applicable.

See the Garrison Workshop shed here.

Find out more about Asgard’s Secured by Design membership and their SBD accredited products here