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3D Group join Secured by Design

Europe's leading supplier of auto locksmith tools and equipment, 3D Group, have joined Secured by Design.

A family company that has grown from humble beginnings, 3D Group provide automotive locksmith supplies to trade, offering the largest range of auto-locksmith parts and tools in Europe. The company prides itself on standing out from their competitors within the Auto-locksmith field by constantly updating stock with new-to-market products, having an easy to use trade website, and by ensuring that once an order is placed customers receive their items as quickly as possible with great communication.


3D Group join SBD with the Sleeping Battery having achieved Police Preferred Specification. The Sleeping Battery is an easy to use solution which prevents car thieves from gaining access to a car via the keyless entry system. The patented microchip within will put the battery into sleep mode after 3 minutes of non-movement meaning the key will no longer transmit a signal and the car is protected against relay attack. 

Find out more about 3D Group and their SBD accredited Sleeping Battery here. 

Greig Kember of 3D Group said: “We are very proud to be working with Secured by Design. Relay theft devices are becoming more obtainable which is elevating the amount of relay attacks & thefts. When a vehicle is stolen, we often think of the monetary value of the vehicle, but many people also lose sentimental items that are not replaceable. Also the inconvenience caused to the owners and after effects of vulnerability can often be overlooked. 

“At 3D Group it was important that we were able to offer a simple to use solution, that prevents change of habit for the owner and secures their vehicles from relay attacks simply by placing their keys at home & office in their usual place without further thought. Finding Sleeping Battery as a fantastic solution, we were able to secure UK distribution, and working with Secured by Design allows users to be confident in its application, and also allows the Secured by Design team to reach out and educate through crime prevention how easy & competently vehicle owners can ensure they are not the next victim of this increasing crime wave”. 

Doug Skins, Secured by Design, said: "I am delighted that 3D Group have joined  Secured by Design with their Sleeping Battery vehicle security product. 

“Vehicles fitted with a smart or passive key (a contactless key) are susceptible to a type of theft called Relay Theft. There are a wide range of electronic devices, key cloning devices and other tools that can be easily obtained by opportunist thieves and criminal gangs to target vehicles. The whole process can take as little as 60 seconds. The Sleeping Battery is a great addition to the products that can combat Relay Theft. 

“For advice and tips on combatting vehicle crime, as well as first-hand knowledge, industry best practice and practical crime prevention advice from officers and specialist teams from across the UK police service, visit the Secured by Design Crime Prevention and Security Advice Hub. Alongside our practical advice, we have listed our Secured by Design member companies that offer products that have been tested and certified to meet the exacting standards you would expect from the police”.