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“We take pride in standing behind the genuine certification provided by SBD”

Market leading manufacturers of high-performance Scandinavian windows and doors, NorDan UK, have renewed their membership with Secured by Design (SBD).

Founded in 1926 NorDan is among Europe's leading producers of windows, doors and smart accessories with NorDan UK supplying high quality windows and doors to the UK construction industry since 1981. 

Since being founded both the company and larger society has gone through significant changes, but one thing remains the same: NorDan is a family-owned company that is run by the same basic values as when first founded. The group's head office remains in Moi, Norway, the exact same place the company was founded almost 100 years ago. 

Today, the NorDan group consists of 12 factories in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Lithuania. Across Europe NorDan is represented by 35 regional management offices in key strategic markets with approximately 2350 employees. 

NorDan is on a mission to be the leading Scandinavian window supplier to the UK housing market. 

Kenny McHugh, Secured by Design, said: “I am delighted that NorDan UK have once again renewed their membership with Secured by Design, as they have been valued members since 2003 and provide market leading services to both project and residential builders across the UK.

“NorDan UK have a wide range of doorsets and window systems which have achieved Police Preferred Specification for their security attributes and I am looking forward to working alongside them over the coming years.”

David Gillon, Senior Marketing Manager, NorDan UK said: "At NorDan UK Ltd, we are proud to continue our long-standing relationship with Secured by Design and to be one of the longest-serving companies in the UK with this membership.

“As a genuine manufacturer, we take pride in standing behind the genuine certification provided by SBD. Our commitment to product excellence is reflected in the complete visibility of our manufacturing methods within NorDan factories, which we are proud to share with SBD. We understand the importance of SBD and the confidence it gives our customers when selecting the right partner for their projects." 

You can find out more about NorDan UK and their range of Secured by Design accredited doorsets and windows here.