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Avocet's European Debut

The great and the good of crime prevention in Europe gathered in Italy in October for the annual European Neighbourhood Watch Association (EUNWA) conference — and amongst a schedule packed to overflowing with renowned scientists, police experts and Neighbourhood Watch practitioners was Avocet Hardware's Clive Lloyd.

The Brighouse-based business' managing director was invited to speak at the exclusive event following a trip to Italy during September, which saw himself and his marketing team present its answer to lock-snapping to an audience of leading police officers and detectives from the country's various police forces.

"Lock-snapping is a major problem in Italy," said Clive, "and the very best solutions they have on the market over there don't come close to providing the level of protection our unique TS007 3-star rated and SS312 Sold Secure Diamond accredited ABS and ATK locks deliver."

"In fact, when we made that initial presentation in September, we were able to snap their very best locks in seconds. In contrast, nobody could find a way past ABS."

EUNWA is a major European initiative in the area of safe living and crime prevention, and is currently supported by 25 European neighbourhood watch and crime prevention organisations from 19 different countries. Its aim is to share crime prevention strategies and solutions across the continent, with a view to making daily life safer for everyone.

Karl Brunnbauer, founder and president of EUNWA, said: "Citizens across Europe are increasingly worried about becoming victims of burglary and property crime. At the same time, organised crime does not respect national borders and criminal methods are quickly transferred from one country to another.

"Therefore, we want to do the same with crime prevention strategies and in ABS, Avocet Hardware has a solution that really can stop lock-snapping attacks. We were all enthralled to hear what Clive had to say about the product and the difference it can make in the fight against crime."

The EUNWA conference took place at Castel Ritaldi in Umbria, Italy from October 22 to 24. Full details of the event can be found at

For further information on Avocet Hardware and its snap secure ABS and ATK locks, visit or call +44(0)1484 711 700.

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European debut – Avocet’s Clive Lloyd talking at the EUNWA conference in Italy