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E- Bound roof alarms prove instrumental in safeguarding lead

Over the last year SBD member company E-Bound AVX’s Roof Alarms have proved instrumental in safeguarding the lead of several dozen churches across twelve counties, from Lanarkshire to Wiltshire.  

In each case, intruders targeted the premises and in some instances tampered with roofing metal, crucially without succeeding in removing it from the buildings.  The installation of E-Bound Roof Alarms on these structures not only thwarted potential thefts but also averted substantial financial, structural and historical losses for these historic buildings.  

The effectiveness of E-Bound's intervention is vividly demonstrated, particularly in West Yorkshire which experienced the highest number of attempted lead thefts where E-Bound Roof Alarms were installed. This data is substantiated by West Yorkshire ranking at the top of its regional category for non-residential burglaries, reporting a notable 4,244 incidents according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) for crime in England and Wales for the year ending June 2023.  

While only three regions in England recorded a decrease in reported metal theft incidents in the 2022-2023 period compared to the previous year the overall figure for metal theft declined to 28,446 reported incidents from the previous year's 29,920.  These statistics underscore the invaluable contribution of initiatives like E-Bound's church roof alarm system in mitigating the widespread impact of metal thefts across diverse geographical areas.

A spokesman for E-Bound AVX said: “As we reflect on these achievements it becomes increasingly evident that innovative security solutions play a pivotal role in preserving not only the material wealth of communities but also the cultural and historical heritage embedded in these sacred spaces.  E-Bound's commitment to protecting churches from the scourge of metal theft stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology in safeguarding important parts of our national heritage”.

Doug Skins, Secured by Design, said: “Although lead theft is not a regular news item as much as some other crimes, the threat to churches and historic buildings from this crime is still an issue, with churches regularly being targeted. I am therefore delighted to hear of the success of the E-Bound AVX church roof alarm system. 

“Thieves who target churches cause damage which goes far beyond the actual value of the metal that is stolen and this roof alarm system has achieved excellent results in preventing such thefts”. 

E-Bound AVX 

Established since 2009, E-Bound AVX are celebrating their 15th anniversary this year and, with an extensive knowledge and experience of customer requirements, have provided over 1,000 effective and reliable church roof alarm systems, including perimeter security and intruder detection solutions, for a wide range of clients.

E-Bound AVX are widely considered the market leaders in the technology and regularly set the industry standards through continuous innovation. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the E-Bound church roof alarm system is the result of many years of successful development and customer feedback, resulting in an affordable package that doesn't compromise on quality, reliability or performance.

Further details on E-Bound AVX and their SBD accredited Roof Alarm System, External Fuel Tank Alarm System and Farm Security Alarm System can be found here.