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Springfield Properties renew Secured by Design NBA membership

One of Scotland’s leading homebuilders, Springfield Properties, has renewed their membership with Secured by Design’s National Building Approval.

Secured by Design National Building Approval (SBD NBA) assists organisations and companies commissioning construction work to achieve Building Regulation compliance for security. In practice this means that after agreement has been reached on the basic level of building security to be provided before any development is planned or built, SBD takes on the administrative task of carrying out due diligence on the member company or organisation’s supply chain.

Springfield Properties has over 30 years’ experience building houses and apartments across multiple tenures and helping customers find their perfect home, with their homes growing in popularity and being recognised for their clever design, outstanding quality, energy efficiency and level of choice available.

Springfield recognise the importance of community, which is why they choose where they build carefully, taking into account proximity to local services, schools and transport links. Villages such as Dykes of Gray in Dundee, or Bertha Park in Perth, have been created with true placemaking in mind and have each been recognised nationally by WhatHouse? Awards in Best Public Realm and Best Sustainable Development retrospectively. Lush green spaces, inclusive play parks, walking routes and community areas that encourage people to socialise, are woven into these new places from the outset, which means that people know that they are living in a sustainable village that will serve generations of people to come.


Springfield has always had sustainability at its core, developing in locations that will attract people and meet their needs for a long time, leaving a positive legacy. The company are committed to supporting the local economy by using a local supply chain where possible and always prioritising sustainable construction methods.

National Lead for SBD NBA, Ruari Robertson, said: “I am delighted that Springfield have renewed their membership of our National Building Approval scheme. They have been an established member and have registered several developments during that time. I look forward to building on our existing membership over the next three years”.

Springfield Managing Director for affordable housing, Tom Leggeat, said: “Creating a community is a key part of our ethos at Springfield, and this includes designing safe, sustainable places for people to live and thrive.

“We’re pleased to work with Secured by Design National Building Approval, so our homes and developments have their professional endorsement offering our customers added peace of mind.”

SBD National Building Approval

SBD National Building Approval is a designing out crime initiative for developers and those commissioning new-build developments or major refurbishment schemes. It is a one-size-fits-all security compliance solution.

SBD NBA is open to anyone involved in the commissioning of new developments and refurbishments, whether directly (such as a building developer) or as a specifier (such as a Housing Association or Local Authority).

The process of gaining membership creates a bespoke Technical Schedule for each developer or specifier. This schedule provides a description of how SBD’s requirement for physical security will be met for any building or buildings within current or future developments.

In a nutshell, SBD do full due diligence on a member’s supply chain to ensure that their products meet stipulated security criteria and issue an award that not only shows that they take security seriously, but may also discharge their legal requirements for physical security.

There are many advantages to this approach, but chief amongst them is the ability for an SBD NBA member to use the Technical Schedule anywhere in the United Kingdom, safe in the knowledge that it will be accepted by all police forces – it guarantees that a Secured by Design award will be made.

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