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Garden Shed Recognised as Secure

Nigel Broderick came up with the idea for the DaylightSecure garden shed after somebody broke into his wooden shed and stole his bicycle. It is the first garden shed to be awarded the Secured by Design certification since the scheme started.

“Things should be just as safe outside your home as inside,” says Nigel, “and I wanted to come up with a sustainable solution.”


The shed is made of TPR, an award-winning alternative to concrete that is manufactured using waste diverted from landfill.

The shed also features a high security double door and composite roof to let the daylight in. Brodco, the (Somerset) company behind the DaylightSecure shed, is now a member of Secured by Design, a flagship UK police initiative to help ‘design out’ crime through the use of high quality, innovative products and processes.

“Not only is the Daylight Secure shed made from recycled products and carbon neutral,” says Alan McInnes, General Manager of SBD, “but it also benefits the environment by helping to prevent crime and stands out as something truly different.”

In order to achieve Secured by Design status the shed had to adhere to the organisation’s rigorous test standards.

Theft from sheds, garages and gardens in the UK increased by 10% in the last year alone, and around 5000 homes are targeted every week according to the Office for National Statistics.