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“It is a privilege to be listed by Secured by Design"

Highly specialised design and manufacturing company, producing armoured products which provide burglar, bullet and blast resistance, Bastion Security Products, have renewed their membership with Secured by Design.

Since the late 1970’s Bastion has developed practical solutions to meet the evolving threats from criminality and terrorism and continued to push the boundaries of physical security design and manufacturing to protect people and assets from present and future dangers. Changes to the threat landscape have driven innovation, development and testing of new and market leading solutions. 

A highly knowledgeable and trusted advisor to many sectors, with products renowned for their superior build quality and independently tested and approved security capabilities, Bastion products enable their customers to proactively control risks and manage threats - with product performances matched to the particular threat organisations are facing, whether it is a risk from determined forced entry, bomb blast or firearms threats. Fully demountable and re-useable secure rooms at varying security levels are a key product”. 

Bastion’s extensive expertise in this highly specialist area is the result of continued research and development and investment in testing and certification over many years; producing  products with patented innovative features. 

You can find out more about Bastion Security Products and their range of SBD accredited steel doors, security grilles, walling systems and secure enclosures here.


Tom D, Managing Director of Bastion Security Products, commented: “It is a privilege to be listed by Secured by Design. As an orgainsation it is growing in importance and relevance as a go-to trusted advisory body for solutions to evolving threats to people and property”.


Alfie Hosker, Secured by Design, said: “I am delighted that Bastion have renewed with us. They have a range of products - walling systems, secure enclosures, doors and grilles to reference just several categories - which have been tested and certificated (LPCB) against significant adversarial attack using a variety of powerful tools, both manual and powered.


“They also have products which meet the relevant NPSA approvals ratings necessary for inclusion, in the Catalogue of Security Equipment (CSE), all of which meet Secured by Design, Police Preferred Specification and can offer resistance against both opportunist and determined attack. These products, can assist in deterring, delaying, and defeating such attacks against the asset, subject to the correct security assessment / design basis threat. I look forward to another successful association with them going forward.”