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Lights, camera, action: introducing the benefits of roller garage doors

It’s a sure sign of belief in a product when a managing director willingly steps forward to appear on video on his company’s website to highlight the many benefits of his newly installed roller garage door.

Clutching a microphone and wearing a warm coat, Gary Brooks, of Rotherham based AlluGuard, engages with viewers for over three minutes to explain how it is saving him from the frustrations of his former up-and-over door.

For a start, he parks on his driveway for the first time without his car extending over the pavement line because he can park right up against his garage door – and still open the garage door.

He also has around 150mm more space to manoeuvre his car into the garage – avoiding the tight squeeze between his wing mirrors and the entrance. Once inside, he can extend his boot to its full height to remove his shopping or golf clubs without it touching the inside of his former up-and-over door.

In addition, he doesn’t get leaves blowing in under the door, nor chilly draughts, and enjoys extra storage without having to work around fixed wall or ceiling tracks.

Gary explains that he has all these benefits as well as being able to approach the garage door and open it remotely at the press of a button from the comfort of his car – ideal, especially in cold weather.

The company’s residential aluminium roller shutter door has full weather seals, is insulated and has been accredited by Secured by Design, the national police crime prevention initiative, as being sufficiently robust to resist physical attack by casual or opportunist burglars.

Gary, who has been in the industry for 30 years, said he is often asked two specific questions by his customers more than any others. “The first is ‘are our doors secure’? The answer is ‘yes’ because we have police accreditation. Deciding to go for that standard is one of the best decisions we have ever made,” he said.

The other question is about whether they are introducing home automation where customers can operate garage doors from their mobile phones. Again, the answer is ‘yes’. Gary explained: “In partnership with automation system supplier Somfy, we have introduced the TaHoma home hub, which places real, condensed, technological control into customers’ hands. TaHoma simplifies the control of multiple home devices to operate everything from garage doors through to lighting, heating and roller blinds.”

Gary added that his website video is often a talking point amongst customers. His video is even being translated so it can be shown in Belarus, a country bordered by Russia and Ukraine.

SBD accreditation requires certification from an independent, third-party UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) certification authority, which involves regular production audits and re-testing. The aim is to ensure consistent quality is maintained over time and is current – compared to products that may have been tested only once many years previously.

SBD has accredited more than 600 companies in relation to their doors, windows, locks and many other security products. Using any of the products, all listed on SBD’s website, ensures Building Regulation compliance for security. SBD is the only way for companies to obtain police accreditation in the UK.

SBD Development Officer, Alfie Hosker, said: “AlluGuard is committed to providing secure products, demonstrated by the fact that they have invested in their garage door being certified to a recognised Police Preferred Specification of STS 202. This is supported by robust third-party auditing of their production facility, providing a process which provides peace of mind to the level of security the garage door offers.”

Alfie added: “It is great to see AlluGuard giving out copies of their SBD certificates whenever they make a sale.”

AlluGuard contacts
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Gary steps out at the start of his video

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Gary explains the benefits of AlluGuard roller garage doors

Secured by Design
Secured by Design (SBD) is the national police crime prevention initiative. Our aim is to achieve sustainable reductions in crime through design and other approaches to enable people to live in a safer society.
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