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More success for SBD member company BikeTrac

Renowned motorcycle tracking experts & Secured by Design (SBD) member company BikeTrac have had more success in tracking stolen property recently, this time tracking a stolen Quad Bike to Bulgaria.

The Honda TRX 420 Quad Bike that was stolen and was tracked by ATVTrac to a rural complex in Bulgaria. Within 48 hours of the location being passed over to the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NaVCIS) policing unit the Bulgarian Police had recovered the Quad Bike.

Bill Taylor from ATVTrac, said: “A layered approach to security will give you the best chance of reducing the chances of your vehicles being stolen but adding the additional layer of tracking gives a far better chance of recovering your vehicle should it be stolen. As this case highlights tracking is not limited to the UK and in spite of perceptions UK police have very good links abroad with a fantastically quick response from Bulgarian Police the Stolen Quad was secured with another and quickly taken to the local Police pound safe and sound!”

Doug Skins, Secured by Design, said: “This is another absolutely fantastic result and proof as to the value these security trackers have when it comes to tracking stolen property. Quad Bikes and All-Terrain Vehicles are a major target for thieves and highly organised criminals in the UK and having a tracking system can improve the chances of recovering these vehicles if they are stolen.

“Our crime prevention and security advice hub provides advice for the best ways to protect your Quad Bikes and All-Terrain Vehicles. Alongside our practical advice, we have listed our Secured by Design member companies that offer products that have been tested and certified to meet the exacting standards you would expect from the police. You can view this advice here”.

Introduced to the Agricultural market in 2016, ATVTrac has gone on to become one of the most highly regarded agricultural tracking products, thanks to the team’s dedicated approach to vehicle security with its proven multi-tier technology.

Benefitting from GPS, GPRS, GSM and RF, ATVTrac was one of the first to offer such technology in a dedicated All-Terrain Vehicle device, allowing the team to not only track down stolen ATV’s and  farm equipment, but be able to assist in proactive recoveries, where only Radio Frequency (RF) could offer detailed location information.

With ATVTrac’s RF function deployed, the location of any stolen vehicles is much more precise, enabling those on scene to obtain a search warrant much more easily, be it a block of garages, lock-up or even sometimes inside a dwelling.

On top of security, ATVTrac also offer other useful functions, from downloadable and shareable routes, to service reminders, live battery voltage information and even a ‘bike down’ feature, should an ATV have a roll over. All of ATVTrac’s functions and benefits can be accessed online, with a dedicated App also available too.

Find out more about ATVTrac and their range of SBD accredited products here.