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Taylor Wimpey receives SBD Gold Award for new homes at Estover, Plymouth

A Taylor Wimpey development of 68 homes in Plymouth has received a Gold Award from Secured by Design for incorporating crime prevention techniques into the landscaping and physical security of buildings.

The development at Cann Bridge Meadow, Estover, which was started in August 2016, will have 48 private and 20 affordable homes for rent or shared ownership when completed in December 2017.


There is a mix of two, three and four-bed energy efficient houses and apartments on this development being built by Taylor Wimpey, Exeter.

An SBD trained Designing Out Crime Officer, who is employed by Devon & Cornwall Police and is based at Plymouth City Council, worked with the developer, architect and local authority planners to design out crime and anti-social behaviour at the outset, before building commenced through to construction.

This work included incorporating proven crime prevention techniques in the layout and landscaping, such as to increase natural surveillance and create defensible space. Residents have a clear view from their homes over parked cars, paths and public spaces. Some properties have smart railings rather than hedges and large mature trees have been kept to a minimum. Rear gardens have high fences and strategic hawthorn and holly planting provide green and natural defences.

In addition, SBD techniques have been incorporated into the physical security of buildings using products that meet SBD’s Police Preferred Specification standard to ensure they are sufficiently robust to resist physical attack by opportunistic burglars.

These measures have included external doors and accessible windows fitted with robust locking systems. Apartment letterboxes have protective cowls to prevent letterbox ‘fishing’. Every property has been fitted with an external light and rear garden gates have Yale security key locks. A number of properties have rear lights and SBD accredited locks on sheds. Communal bin and cycle storage areas have key pad security locks and large metal ground anchors protect bicycles and motorbikes.

SBD Development Officer, Emma Snow, said: “All the evidence suggests that the steps we have taken are likely to reduce crimes like burglary significantly when compared to new homes that are not similarly protected. This means we are providing a better and safer place for residents to live as well as to help reduce pressure on hard-pressed police resources to enable front-line operational officers to concentrate on more pressing and urgent priorities.”

The site team at Taylor Wimpey worked closely with partners, including police, at frequent meetings to ensure all the many landscaping and physical security measures came together to provide a safe and secure place for residents to live – which has resulted in the SBD Gold Award. SBD also offers a Silver Award to developers for incorporating SBD measures into physical security of buildings and a Bronze Award for refurbishments.

The developer’s contributions from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), which was introduced by Government to help fund infrastructure required to support development in the Local Plan, and Section 106 contributions, agreed as part of planning permission to support local services and facilities, were in excess of £388,000.

Secured by Design
Secured by Design (SBD) is the national police crime prevention initiative. Our aim is to achieve sustainable reductions in crime through design and other approaches to enable people to live in a safer society.
Tel: 0203 8623 999

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Homes at Estover

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Project team receive thair Gold Award from SBD Development Officer Emma Snow (third from left)

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Homes at Estover

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Homes at Estover