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“This course will provide our staff with the theory and practical experience to enable them to make a positive impact and reduce violent crime across London”

The Metropolitan Police Service are leading the way in investing in crime prevention qualifications for their staff, with a further twelve officers undertaking the Level 3 Introduction to Crime Prevention qualification delivered by the Police Crime Prevention Academy.

The Level 3 Introduction to Crime Prevention Award supports officers in the provision of appropriate general crime prevention advice to local communities. It also equips officers with the knowledge and skills that enable them to undertake a structured approach to conducting a site security survey and making suitable recommendations, including suitable security products.

Inspector Matt Turner for the Met Police said: “Addressing violent crime is the Met’s number one priority and effective crime prevention is key to this. If we get this right we will not only help make London a safer place, but we will also reduce demand on our frontline officers. This course will provide our staff with the theory and practical experience to enable them to make a positive impact and reduce violent crime across London.”

Speaking on behalf of the Academy, the Head of Academy, Guy Collyer said: “We have been delivering qualifications for the Metropolitan Police for over a year now and as with all police services, we are happy to ensure the content is relevant for the environment these officers work in”.

Met Police

The Level 3 Award can be dovetailed into CPD for officers and staff, as well as providing a stepping stone to the specialist qualification of the Level 4 Certificate in Crime Prevention for Practitioners.

Speaking earlier this year at the Secured by Design ATLAS National Training Event, Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Dame Cressida Dick, DBE, QPM spoke passionately about the police service’s commitment to crime prevention.

Referencing Sir Robert Peel, founder of the Metropolitan Police, the Commissioner said: “He was very, very clear that crime prevention was our first duty as police people. When I look back to Commissioners before me, right back to when I joined in 1983, I think we would all say that policing is about preventing crime………We start with preventing crime, we all do that and that is our job.”

After assuming responsibility from the College of Policing for the running of crime prevention and designing out crime courses in the UK, the Police Crime Prevention Initiatives (PCPI) Crime Prevention Academy has been delivering a new nationally recognised generation of ProQual approved and OFQUAL accredited qualifications in crime prevention and designing out crime since September 2018.

All qualifications are available for Police, Local Authorities, Security Staff and others with an interest in building security such as Fire, Architects and Planners. The qualifications are also available and relevant to the private sector, be it business, retail or industrial settings.

As well as scheduled national delivery, the qualifications can be delivered locally dependent on delegate numbers and available budget of an organisation. Bespoke solutions can be requested for specific needs within the private sector.

A range of Cyber Crime Prevention Courses are also available through the Police Digital Security Centre.

More information about the qualifications available and costs can be found at or by contacting