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Warrior Doors shows it’s regarded as a gem of a company by jewellers in Handsworth, Birmingham

When it comes to businesses seeking positive feedback from customers, Warrior Doors, a Secured by Design member company that specialises in manufacturing secure entrance doorsets, has achieved the ultimate accolade.

Out of the 12 jewellery shops in Soho Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, close to the City’s landmark Jewellery Quarter, Warrior Doors has supplied and installed its bespoke doors to 9 of them.

Such is the power of personal recommendation!

It’s no wonder that Warrior Doors, a Birmingham-based company, is receiving commissions both on its doorstep and from high value jewellers, banks and bullion dealers when its doors have withstood attacks by sledgehammers, axes, battering rams and ram raids by vehicles.

The company’s goal is to maximise security without compromising on light or visual aesthetics providing a unique range of high-specification security doors that have surpassed the most rigorous security testing to achieve certification to LPS1175 Security Levels 2, 3, 4 (version 7).

Even Warrior Doors’ SR2 standard composite glazed doors have withstood vehicle ram raids and can block a 9mm round. Warrior Doors is the first company in the country to have achieved a fully glazed door to LPS1175 security level 4 (SR4) that can open either into or out from a building.

Managing Director, Brett Barratt, said that spending on security is often underestimated and not considered as an investment in the business until the full impact of a robbery is experienced first hand. “The real costs are to people involved who can be traumatised by the event for months, if not longer,” he said.

Loss of high-value stock, whether it’s cash, diamonds, gold and watches can have a huge impact on the business continuity and in some cases the business never actually recovers, forced eventually to close down.

Brett explained: “Warrior Doors has been able to provide some of the highest quality security doors available without compromising on the exacting demands of jewellers towards aesthetic appearance and maximum vision into their shops.

“We have worked with a range of high value retailers including jewellers and bullion dealers, helping them to feel the benefits of being protected by a high security door from Warrior Doors.”

Brett added: “I am very proud of the work we do with our high-end security products, SR2, SR3 and SR4. They are fantastic products.”

In one video on the company’s website, you can see a prolonged attacked using a 5 Series BMW car on a door installed at the front entrance to a jeweller’s shop in Smethwick, Birmingham, on 2 October, 2017. Even after repeated ramming attempts by the car and subsequent unsuccessful attempts to force entry by the police and fire brigade, the door could still be opened and closed and locked perfectly! One of the assailants, who was trapped in the interlock in the jeweller’s shop, was arrested by police. The other assailant fled the scene.

The video can be viewed at:

The company also makes high-specification secured doorsets for commercial and industrial premises as well as local authority housing and housing associations.

Warrior Doors
Tel: 0121 706 8400